About Us

Nepal Mithila Women Handicraft

Nepal Mithila Women Handicraft is a manufacturing and wholesaling shop supplying worldwide. If you find yourself interested in our products, we can make any products according to your designs, colors and sizes.

We believe in the power of fair trade to transform lives. We are mainly concentrating on the promotion of Nepalese handmade products to encourage and develop the skill as well as the lifestyle of the people from the Terai and mountainous regions where the raw materials come from. We are employing as many workers as possible from different societies and economic fields. We believe on fair trade, this is why we are not involved in the capitalist mode of production, which only seeks profits.
We are one of the leading centers of Mithila products. We have consciousness about the need to life standard of women in Nepal. Women are neglected section in Mithila society although their hands are full of creativity. They are not allowed to do external work. So, Nepal Mithila Women handicraft movement is empowering women by making them economically self-dependent. This has influenced other women earning upright income in the region.
The main objective of our organization is to help meet the marketing requirements of handicraft producers who are mainly women operating on a very small scale, usually from their homes. We promote women's handicrafts which will finally help us to be economically strong and help them to invest in their health and for their children's education.

The following are our objectives:

  • To preserve and promote Mithila art
  • To develop the economic condition of  women by promoting their products
  • To preserve Nepal's rich artistic skill and craft techniques
  • To promote the export of Nepalese handicrafts
  • To motivate handicraft producers and sponsor professional training workshops where appropriate
  • To promote handicrafts from different parts of the country, especially from the Terai where economic weakness is present
  • To provide financial and technical support to craft producers if appropriate